Photo by David Klutho

Timothy Nwachukwu (wah-choo-koo) is a  a staff photographer at Clarkson Creative located in Denver, Colorado.

Raised by Nigerian immigrants in Louisville, Kentucky, Mr. Nwachukwu blends his love of cultures and learning to connect with people of all walks of life. Visual journalism offers the unique opportunity to both teach and learn about the world around us, and he believes in these skills to create a final product that best represents any environment.

Mr. Nwachukwu is available for freelance work wherever he is needed. If he is not on assignment expect him to be watching documentaries or sports, or spouting a fact about Kentucky that might only interest him.



Cell: (502) 345-7527

Twitter: @NwachukwuTim

Instagram: @timnwachukwu